Monday, May 15, 2006

Acorn Voyageur Wood Stove

lol, that odnda baths, was 10 days without excribir .... forgiveness.

hehe well ... happened, and then ah jameamos with mushrooms. estubo it right, I always jamming with Richie, so is the first time now jameo ocn other person, except while aah JAMA happens! estubo chido jajaja well. Richie so he had a good groove and improvuisamos cool with it. Due to the circumstances of the day we call it too hot? or in English: Is it too hot for you? hahaha, this really cool I liked the jam:), after that we saw the movie "Shine" (my favorite movie) ajjaja exciiitaaa me, especially the part where the dude gives woooooooww Rachmaninov concert, I love the net scene. and their training to view wing and we have to do amadeus!another night there to do administrative jajajaja, with caguams and all hahaha.

recently went to the beach with my comrades uatillos, leaving the orchestra concert, ala should be there! to analyze it all. I found fatal errors:
1. The director (my music teacher apreciacon, which is not always the director of the orchestra, was guest director Nama), had no energy, dedication, he was up a tick, a little weird up and down the arm, so repeatedly, and had nothing to do with time, the dynamic or something.
2. The pianist invited (by the way, great aunt of lam!) It was an old lady, I saw, and I said, no mancehs a load of experience and study in the unam ps!, But nose, that was not his night, from it began, is equivoco a bit, the band ate in the fortes parties, and even in parts of virtue, like ps limpiass not come out.
3. Worse, the director was lost, and took him to the pianist, the Beat him as a sign to follow him but ps could not and stopped, the well so fast dude where otravez said, and without emperzaron otravez as much notice from a few bars back ... that fart! JMAS had seen such an error in an orchestra. X

but good haha, I would tell that I went to the beach with uatillos, jaja estubo chido, but manage unchingoooo, I get tired running, che bocho is a pain machine jajajajaja.

significant day, I went with mushrooms and love, LAM and Julie Quebec and the language school to pGod did not lam. And then ........... PUUUUUUUUUUMMM! estasionado collision with a car! , And so do not mamessssssss!, Fugaaa in chingaaa!! jajajajaja, and we went to the house of lore that was super close to there. That crazy ????... no nothing happened to my bocho or the car that was a car vejillo not think that a strawberry so well lol, but fart wing scare me! jajaj and lam was convinced that he was psychic jajajajajaja, we asked the psychologist lore that all mean! and did not respond jajajajajja.

that crazy, well, everything, ahh, I get to the gym too! and I agreed with richie jajajajja, and I think also ToƱito jajaj, now we are all like mushrooms mameys hahaha.


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